Friday, 12 October 2012

Modernising Trojan Locos

Modernising Trojans
Four locomotives were built by Corus, Northern Engineering Services between 2008 and 2011. The first “Trojan” locomotive, No.920, was supplied in October 2009, followed by No.921 in February and No.922 in May 2010. The fourth locomotive No. 923 remained at Scunthorpe under construction. 

Inherent problems

From new, it was reported that these locomotives were found to have numerous inherent design issues which made them unsuitable for the original planned duties due to unreliability, poor accessibility, maintainability and poor cab ergonomics.   Following a number of discussions between Tata Steel & Hunslet, No.923 was delivered to Hunslet’s manufacturing works in April 2011 and Hunslet were tasked by Tata Steel Port Talbot to carry out a fault evaluation of the locomotive and propose recommendations for improvement.

Cab and controls

A new, ergonomically designed cab/driving arrangement was installed with a fore-and-aft driving position that improves the drivers visibility, comfort and accessibility. New heating and insulation was installed, and the whole cab refinished to a higher standard.
The electrical control system was completely replaced with a Hunslet-proven IQAN-based electronic system to provide a locomotive that is safe, reliable and easy to operate. The IQAN controls all functions allowing programming to suit site conditions

Finishing touches

The whole locomotive was then repainted in Tata Steel livery, giving it a much smarter appearance.
On completion, the locomotive was static tested in Hunslet’s works at Barton under Needwood, prior to undergoing dynamic testing at Chasewater Railway. It then began commissioning and field trials on 16 April 2012 at its designated site of Port Talbot.
Hunslet are now hard at work on two more Trojan locomotives, No’s 921 and 922, which should be completed in June and July 2012. The fourth locomotive is expected to arrive at Barton under Needwood in July and should be ready for service by September.  All four of Tata Steel’s smart new Trojan locos will then be fit to do what was originally intended, be the backbone of the locomotive fleet at Tata Steel Port Talbot.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Hunslet Engine Company Awarded Contract

RFG AwardHunslet Engine Company was recently awarded a contract by Cementos Cosmos of Toral de los Vados, Spain, to undertake a full refurbishment of a diesel locomotive it employs for shunting duties. The locomotive, which was built 20 years ago by Arbel Fauvet Rail, moves trains of cement from the works along a 2km to exchange sidings at Toral de los Vados. As pictured above, the locomotive has arrived at Hunslet's Barton under Needwood facility and the refurbishment is now underway with completion due in August. The original diesel engine, hydraulic transmission and electrical control system are to be removed, to be replaced with new items. In addition, numerous other jobs are to be undertaken to bring the locomotive back to a reliable condition, hopefully enabling it to continue to work for a further 20 years. Once the refurbishment is completed, the shunter will be re-painted in the Cementos Cosmos livery.

For further information, please contact: Sarah Millington – Marketing Manager

LH Group Services Ltd.
Phone: 01283 722600
Email: Sarah Millington


Update on Hunslet DH60C Locomotive

After the initial launch of the next generation of Hunslet locomotives designated the DH60C series, the prototype locomotive is now under going extensive field trials at the Daventry International Railfreight Terminal, courtesy of Malcolm Rail, as pictured above.The locomotive is in regular use six days a week, 12 hours per day, hauling and shunting up sixty container trains, each weighing up to 1,500 tonnes.This initial period has shown that the locomotive is fulfilling all the design expectations and is carrying out its designated work load, easily and competently, with significant fuel savings compared to existing locomotive types. For further information about the DH60C locomotive please contact Derek Webb as below.
DH60C series locomotives A multi-purpose diesel-hydraulic locomotive developed for heavy shunting and short trip operations. It offers a cost effective, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly solution for managing your rolling stock. Hunslet Engine Company’s new DH60C series of locomotives’ features include:
  • Fuel efficient clean burn diesel engine technology
  • Fully integrated PLC system incorporating fault diagnosis capabilities
  • Hydrodynamic transmission with turbo reversing
  • Ergonomic cab layout with improved driver visibility
  • Easy, low cost maintenance
  • Maximum tractive effort of 194 kN
  • Capable of hauling up to 2,000 tonnes
  • Available for sale or hire 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Hunslet launch new locomotive on open days 6th & 7th and 8th July

Hunslet Engine Company are pleased to announce that the new DH60C Series Locomotive has been unveiled at open days held at Chasewater Railway on the 6th, 7th & 8th July.
The new locomotive incorporates the latest engine and transmission technology controlled by a fully integrated PLC Control System.

The latest manufacturing methods were used to ensure the highest quality was achieved.

Its design, is the first of a new range of locomotives, which are available in 4, 6 or B-B wheel arrangements up to a maximum weight of 100 tonne.

Each locomotive built will be in line with particular individual customer requirements.

After exhaustive testing, the locomotive will be placed into service at one of the companies contract operating sites. This will allow future customers to see the locomotive in full daily operation.

For further information, please contact: Sarah Millington – Marketing Manager
LH Group Services Ltd.
Phone: 01283 722600
Email: Sarah Millington

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Hunslet Engine Company Receive award at RFG Awards Dinner

At the recent RFG Awards dinner, Hunslet Engine Company were runners up in the Technology Development category.

The award was given for the development and construction of the 60 tonne DH60C series of multi purpose, 3 axle diesel hydraulic locomotive.

The award highlighted the innovative design in reducing fuel consumption and environmental impact. Couple with the very latest PLC Controls and monitoring system.

Pictured above receiving the award from First GBRf’s John Smith (left) is Hunslet Engine Company’s Derek Webb (right), with Richard Walfod of Burges Slamon LLP in the background.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Hunslet receive order from Lafarge Cement UK

Hunslet - continues to build its reputation as the UK's leading supplier of industrial shunting locomotives having received an order from Lafarge Cement UK, to supply two modernised locomotives to operate at their Dunbar Works replacing their ageing locomotives.

Work has already commenced to rebuild and upgrade two 50 Tonne diesel hydraulic locomotives for delivery in mid 2009. The donor locomotives date back to the early 1980s, making them an ideal choice for a refurbishment exercise, which will incorporate an engine repower to maximise performance.

The locomotives are currently used to transport cement wagons to the shunting area ready for main line collection. On completion, the rebuilt 'driverless' cement trains will haul up to 32 loaded wagons – a total weight of 1625 tonnes at controlled speeds - without a locomotive driver. Using wireless technology, the locomotives are controlled via a site operator using a transmitter. Locomotive control is simply executed with a joystick - a little like driving a model train only for real.

During the project repower, HUNSLET will comply with latest environmental legislation. Principally comprising of modernisation of the power-train – diesel engine, cooling system, torque converter, forward / reverse gearbox and driveline.

Through the exercise, the existing diesel engine will be replaced by the new generation Caterpillar C15 diesel engine rated at 298 kW (400 hp) at 2100 rpm. As a result, the locomotives operators can anticipate an improvement in fuel economy, lower emissions, reduced noise and significantly extended lifetime for the entire locomotive.

The project upgrade will also see HUNSLET modernise the locomotives in other areas. The integration of a new computerised electronic control system will incorporate fault diagnosis capability, alerting the driver of potential faults.

By combining identical and proven components with new modern assemblies, the demand for improved environmental protection has been fulfilled, while high reliability and availability are ensured for the operator.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Hunslet commences manufacture of new range of multi-purpose locomotives

Hunslet Engine Company, fully supported by its parent company LH Group Services Ltd, has now begun production on the first of a range of multi-purpose, diesel hydraulic, shunting locomotives ranging from 40 to 100 tonnes, and suitable for light, medium and heavy haul of industrial rolling stock.
The standard range will be modular in design making them highly flexible in terms of operation, area of application, performance and equipment specification. Designed to meet the latest environmental protection and safety standards, the range will be fuel-efficient by introducing clean burn diesel engine technology. The on board 'user friendly' computerised electronic systems will incorporate fault diagnosis capability, alerting the driver of potential faults or failures.

Furthermore, modern design trends will ensure simple maintenance and repair, and the use of technologically advanced components will reduce life cycle costs.

The first locomotive to be built is a three-axle, 60 tonne type and initial production has started on the mainframe, transmission and final drive assemblies. All other areas of the locomotive are at an advanced stage of the design.

Subsequent to exhaustive testing the first unit will be placed into service at an appropriate site for field trials. Prospective customers will then be invited to evaluate the locomotive under normal operating conditions.

For further information contact Hunslet Engine Company
on 0113 2774007 or alternatively